15.12.17 (A rather snowy week!)

We had an exciting and unusual start to the week, with a snowy day on Monday and a snow day on Tuesday! Back in school we have been doing some assessments in maths and spelling and building bridges:

On Thursday we enjoyed our Christmas lunch… especially the stickers which came in the crackers! We have aLao been learning a performance poem, which we will perform to the school next week.



On Monday this week we travelled to Cambridge once again, to present our research and work on the importance of diverse literature in schools. The presentations were a success, with extremely positive feedback from students and staff alike. A trainee teacher said that the children’s “enthusiasm, quality of work and presentation skills were fantastic.”

The children should be very proud of their hard work!

Following the trip we wrote thank you letters to Mrs Wolpert, who helped organise the project. The letter have been delivered, and Mrs Wolpert said they were, “amazing,” and that they “made me smile a lot!”

Back in our new experience, we have been writing spooky stories and researching bridges from around the world, to help us design our own for our model village.

There has been a lot of sporting activity again, with excellent results in the cross country race. This Friday we have continued to learn the recorder, though our new tune isn’t quite good enough to share yet!

This week in Moon Class 🌝📚

This week …..  The year 5s finished our lighthouses in DT  with Mr Parker.

We used cardboard or a pringles can with paper mache for the shape then glue gunned them together. It was very hard to cut the construction card and put the wires inside the shape and then made  circuits  with batteries, wires and bulb. We found out that there were 2 types of circuit parallel and simple, simple is the one we used for these brilliant Lighthouses.

Ella ,Freya and Evie ‘s luminous Lighthouses

In art we have been making collages (with newspaper) of different sea creatures such as: Walruses, Lobsters and Whales.We have had to use many different colours for different things.

Holly’s Walrus Collage 🌊

On Wednesday the year 6s going to HRS had two taster days of how the school works, and on Thursday Forest Hall went too. They found out what form they would be in, rode the bus, ate the HRS lunch and made new friends and saw old ones and of course it was A LOT quieter here! They all had a great time and we hope they will enjoy their steps into high school.
By Olivia and Ben👍

Friday 23 June

The highlight of the week, of course, has been our trip to the Sealife Centre!

Before that, in literacy we have been exploring the issue of keeping animals – particularly whales – in captivity, and writing a balanced argument to help us decide our own opinion on the topic. In maths we have looked at line graphs (Y5) timetables (Y6) and at finding fractions of numbers within the context of problem-solving. Y6 have continued rehearsing, and everything is gradually piecing together…
Just a reminder Y6 – no scripts as of next week! It’s be great to get any costumes in as soon as they’re ready too, please.
On Wednesday afternoon many of the children in Moon went to an athletics tournament where they performed very well in spite of the extreme heat.
Today, of course, we were off to the Sealife Centre to mark the end of our ‘Under the Sea’ experience. It was a wonderful day, and the children were fascinated by the sea creatures. Following our literacy work, the children also took an interest in the animals’ welfare: the otter-keeper said she’d never had such good questions.
An inspiring and educational day was had by all, and all the adults were very impressed by the children’s behaviour and enthusiasm.

📚 Friday 16th June 2017 📚

This week has been a bit busy as the Year 6s are going out to practise their production (Beauty and the Beast) and the Year 5s been having different teachers,  including Mr Parker, who is a teacher who will be working in the school until the Year 6s leave for secondary school.


On Monday, the Year 6s were rehearsing their play all morning whilst the Year 5s had science with Mr Parker, where they were planning their working mini lighthouses and making prototypes out of cardboard. IMG_0829In the afternoon we got were all back in the same classroom and we started writing  explanation texts on tsunamis.

On Tuesday, the Year 6s went to a college in Saffron Walden called St Marks and we were learning about bullying, railway safety, prison records, drugs and alcohol, water safety, fire safety and about the ambulance services. Meanwhile, back at school, the Year 5s carried on with their lighthouses and worked with Miss Cordon, learning about biomes.


Also, the Year 6s have been practising a dance routine for their production with Miss Ski.

You may know that the school do a lot of school competitions, and this week about 26 girls went off to Chelmsford Sport and Athletic Centre to do a cheer leading competition. They were split into two teams, one 3/4, one 5/6. 3/4s came 1st, meaning that they were 2017 champions and the 5/6s came 2nd, with 3 points in it. From Moon, there were only two girls : Imogen and Ella S.

Written by Ella S ( Year 5 ) & Luke T ( Year 6 )

This week in Moon!!

On Monay we had an inset day so we got reboots our brains ready for school.  On Tuesday whilst the year 6s were doing their production (Beuty and the Beast) the year 5s had a supply teacher – Mr Parker. We were looking at circuits with him for hoping to get onto making mini models of lighthouses with a circuit inside. In our simple circuit, we had to include; Batteries/cells, wires and a bulb.

Here are a few photos of the year 6s production.

On Wednesday we were with Mr Parker again and we did more science during the year 6s rehearsal.  After break we did maths where we had to find out the perimeter of compound shapes.


In geography we have been looking at tsunamis and have been looking at the short term impact and long term impact on humans.  We have also looked at how tsunamis happen.  After that we did some acting outside from 4 days later to a couple of years later.   IMG_0802.JPG




This week Moon have been learning about tsunamis in geography and writing about them in literacy. In maths, they have mastered rounding decimals, including finding the ‘upper and lower bounds’. They have also revised Roman numerals, negative numbers and column multiplication.

Year 6 have begun rehearsing their production, and have some lines to learn over the holidays. There is no spelling or maths homework over half term, but learning log activities are available should you be looking for a fun and educational activity to do!

Have a wonderful half term and enjoy the sunshine!


This week we have been writing stories inspired by the film, ‘Song of the Sea’.img_0758.jpgimage.jpg

In maths we have been investigating prime number and practising our division: today we divided 6,469,693,230 by the first 10 prime numbers. After all that work, we were surprised by the simplicity of the answer!imageWednesday morning was an exciting time for Year 6, who were auditioned for roles in Beauty and the Beast. There were many promising performances… parts will be announced before half term!


This week was, of course, rather taken over by SATs! Fortunately, we all had an opportunity to relax on Thursday afternoon, watching the film ‘Song of the Sea’ in preparation for our new experience, ‘Under the Sea’.

Contributing to our ‘Sea of Knowledge’ after a ‘brain-aching’ (I quote the children!) lesson ordering the history of life on Earth.
A well-deserved chill!


This week Moon Class have been working very hard in preparation for the Y6’s SATs tests next week. All the children gained Head Teacher’s Award today in recognition of their hard work and support for one another. Very well done, and best of luck to the Y6s next week!